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Why Lease?

At Delostone Assets Limited we want you to understand the advantages leasing can provide you and your business before you sign on, so we can tailor your plan to best suit your needs.

What is it that you and your business need?

Don't Pay Up Front, Conserve Your Capital:
Leasing allows you to hold on to working capital you might otherwise have had to spend in one lump sum on new equipment. You can invest it elsewhere at a higher rate of return.

Streamline Your Budget:
Regular lease payments can simplify your accounting. Both small and large businesses can save steps by eliminating the need for depreciation scheduling and keeping equipment expenses consistent.

Preserve Your Credit:
The equipment you lease generally acts as its own collateral. You won't be required to make down payments or offer other collateral in order to get what you want.

A lease is independent of other sources of financing. You effectively give yourself more options for credit while leaving more traditional financing options available should they be needed. Once you've established yourself as a lease account you'll find it very easy to acquire more equipment as you need it.

A  Tax Break:

Leased equipment is often 100% deductible as an operating expense. Your leased equipment can actually cost less after taxes than equipment you purchase outright because you write more off during the lease term.

Room to Upgrade:
Upgrading your equipment should be easy. At Delostone we want to work with you to see your business improve.

Speed & Efficiency:

Traditional bank loans can take several business days to gain approval. Delaying orders for the equipment you need. Time may vary for leases, they are typically much faster, often same day.


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