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The Delostone Vendor Program

With leasing becoming a more popular and attractive form of financing every day, vendors have the opportunity to develop partnerships with leasing companies like Delostone to increase their selling effectiveness. You can be proactive and offer lease financing with a local, established company and increase the chances of your sales proposals being accepted. Receive payment as soon as the lease is processed and reduce the number of receivables being carried on your books.

The Delostone advantage lies in our local network. Twenty years' experience has made us an established and trusted ally for both vendors and customers who come to us seeking new contacts for mutual benefit. We are always looking for new relationships to expand and improve our contribution to the network.

Delostone Assets Limited can arrange financing on virtually any type of equipment.

We make it easy. You get the sale and we do the rest. All you have to do is ask the customer to complete our Leasing Application and then fax the completed form to us. Most applications can be approved immediately.

At Delostone Assets Limited we want to work with you and your customer. At the end of the day we want every one of our friends to be satisfied.

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